In today’s world, litigation is often an impractical method of resolving disputes. It can take a very long time, it can cost a fortune, and oftentimes at the conclusion,
none of the parties are completely satisfied with the result. After all, parties to a lawsuit surrender the decision-making entirely to a judge or jury.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Impartial Mediators use various techniques to open the lines of communication between parties in dispute with the goal of reaching an agreement that is pleasing to all involved. Additionally, mediated agreements can be fully enforceable in a court of law. Mediation offers numerous benefits over traditional litigation:

• Flexibility – the parties to mediation have the ability to craft very specific agreements unique to their individual preferences and needs.

• A Win/Win – since parties to a mediation come together to create an agreement, it is very likely that the agreement reached will be mutually agreeable to everyone and all those involved will feel like “winners.”

• Future cooperation – because agreements reached in mediation are mutually agreeable, compliance with the mediated agreement can be higher than compliance with court-dictated outcomes.

• Less costly – parties to mediation can find a resolution to their dispute without having to hire separate attorneys, which can drastically reduce costs. Additionally, the mediation process can move much more quickly than traditional litigation, which can also reduce costs to the parties involved.
Georgia Rossiter and Courtney Warner are experienced attorneys in the area of family law. They are able to use their experience client counselors and negotiators to
help you reach a mediated agreement that you can live with – one that makes sense for you.